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Educating our customers on the products they purchase is very important to us. Not only do we want our customers to enjoy their new basketball hoop, we also want them to understand how it works. We also keep customers informed on necessary maintenance procedures to keep their investment in top condition for years to come. We will personally take the time to explain and answer any and all questions you may have about your new basketball hoop. 


Proper installation and safety are among our top priorities that we absolutely will not deviate from no matter what the circumstance. We will present you with only the safest options for your installation.

We assemble, install & repair most brands, makes & models of portable and in-ground basketball hoops. 

For all in-ground basketball hoop installations, a dig authorization must be completed in order to safely dig and avoid any type of underground utilities. Dig authorizations are obtained by calling NJ1-call by dialing 811.








For more information please visit NJ1-Call.

In-ground basketball hoop installations require two trips. A deposit is required at the end of the first trip when the concrete is poured and the anchor is set in concrete. All prices quoted include the price of concrete. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the second trip when the hoop is fully installed. We do not remove the dirt from the dig off of your property. We will gladly relocate it to the desired location of your choice on your property within 75 feet from the dig location at no additional cost. Over 75 feet will result in an additional cost. We also have removal services for those who have purchased a new basketball hoop but have an old one currently installed. Visit our contact us page and fill out our request an estimate form to have your basketball hoop installed.

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